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It is a water-based, acrylic copolymer resin-based, matte, UV-resistant, grainy (textured) top coat exterior coating..


It can be applied on all kinds of plaster, concrete, gas concrete and similar mineral surfaces. Its excellent adhesion property works on all kinds of surfaces. It does not crack, swell or spill. It has high alkali resistance. It provides high coverage and has resistance to fading. It is resistant to harsh sun rays, humidity and salt water. Thanks to the silicone it contains, it has water repellent properties. By the breathing ability, it permits the passage of moisture vapor out.


It is ready to use. The surfaces to be applied must be cleared of all kinds of dirt, oil and swollen layers before painting. After these applications, UNIVERSAL PRIMER or SILICONE EXTERIOR PRIMER is applied to increase the adhesion of the surface before painting. After the primer dries (min. 12 hours), it is spread on the surfaces with a GRANO post roller, before the surface dries, it is applied by giving a pattern with a coral roller.


Ready to use.


Dries in 30-45 minutes  and hardens 8-10 hours at 20 ºC


Depending on the absorbency and smoothness of the surface, 0.8-1.3 m² of area is painted in one coat with 1 kg of GRANO. For sensitive consumption, field sample study should be done.


Store in dry and cool place and temperature of storage should be between +5°C and +50°C. Keep it away from direct sunshine and protect it against frost. The life time of the unopened original package is 2 year.


R 22- Harmfull when swalloved

S 2-Keep out of reach of children

S 24/25- Harm full in touch with eyes and skin

S 46- Contact your doctor if swallowing.