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Urethane alkyd based, high performanced, single component, matte varnish.


Excellent resistant against atmospheric conditions,water and moisture to protect wooden part of sea vehicles, furniture and all kind of wooden materilas.It has excellent adhesionabilitiy and forms a matte film with good filling properites.


The surface which will applied it should be dry, sanded, dustless and clean. If it is varnished before, all the old varnished parts, should be cleaned fromt the surface. On the new wooden surfaces, the knots should be burnt and saturated with VARNISHED WOOD PROTECTOR. After these applications, surface should be varnished 3 coats with YACHT VARNISH and between the coats must be wait 1 day.The applications under the high temperature should be sanded lightly.Its ready to use with brush or roller.

The application temperature must be between 5 ºC and 35 ºC.


It should be diluted approximately %5-10 ratio with SYNTHETIC THINNER  in the applications with compressor.


Depend on the absorbency and smoothness of the surface, an area 13-16 m² is painted area on single layer with 1lt YACHT VARNISH.


>34 ºC ( contains unmixable with water, flammable vapor)


Store in dry and cool place and temperature of storage should be between +5°C and +35°C. Keep it away from direct sunshine and protect it against frost. The life time of the unopened original package is one year.


R 11 Easy Flammable .

R20/21/22 Harmful when swallowed, by inhalation and in contact with the skin

S 2 Keep out of reach of children

S 3/7/9 Keep tightly closed at a cool and well ventilated place

S 13 Keep away from food & beverage

S 16 Keep away from flammable sources. No Smoking

S 24/25  Harmful in touch with eyes and skin

S 46 Contact your doctor if swallowing

S 51 Use only in well ventilated area