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Waterbased, high performanced, Moisture and UV resistanced, semi-matt decorative wood protector.


It is used for decorative and protective purpose, on interior and exterior all wooden surfaces,  without messing the appearance of wood. Thanks to the chemicals inside of its, penetrates deeply inside of wood and prevents occuring mould, fungi and bed bug. It protects the wood long years. After usage of the wood protector, can be applied any furniture varnish on it.


If the surface will be polished on first time, it should be dry, sanded, dustless and clean. On the new wooden surfaces, the knots should be burnt and cleaned with cellulosic thinner. To the surface which is prepared, should be applied WATER BASED VARNISHED WOOD PROTECTOR at least 2 coat with 12 hours interval.The application temperature must be

between 5 ºC and 35 ºC.


Depend on the absorbency and smoothness of the surface, an area 8-12 m² is painted area on single layer with 1lt WATER BASED VARNISHED WOOD PROTECTOR. Field sample work should be carried out for precise consumption.


Store in dry and cool place and temperature of storage should be between +5°C and +35°C. Keep it away from direct sunshine and protect it against frost. The life time of the unopened original package is one year.


R 22 Harmfull when swalloved

S 2 Keep out of reach of children

S 24/25 Harm full in touch with eyes and skin

S 46 Contact your doctor if swallowing.