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It is a water-based, acrylic copolymer binder filled interior primer that can be used especially in the transition from solvent-based paint to water-based paint, on interior solid surfaces and color transitions.


It shows very good adhesion to all kinds of surfaces. Since it creates a solid surface, it binds the paint to be applied to the subfloor. It reduces the consumption of topcoat paint. It is odorless, friendly to human health and the environment.


It is applied as a primer on all kinds of thin plastered concrete, gas concrete, briquette, brick and similar surfaces, on surfaces painted with solvent-based paint to increase surface adherence and to reduce paint consumption.


Swelled, loose and unhealthy looking surfaces should be scraped before the application, the swollen surfaces should be smoothed with ACRYLIC PUTTY, the old synthetic painted surface should be lightly sanded and oil and dirt should be removed from the surface. Transition Primer thinned by 10% by volume with water is applied as a single coat with a brush or roller.

Depending on the type, absorbency and structure of the surface to be applied, ~ 12 -15 m2 (*) area can be primed in one coat with 1 lt TRANSITION PRIMER.

(*) The amount of consumption may vary depending on the surface, air temperature, application conditions, thinning rate and application thickness. For precise consumption, sample work should be done on the surface to be applied in a controlled manner.

THINNING: It is thinned with water.

PACKAGING: 2,5 lt -7,5 lt


It can be stored for 24 months at +5° C to +50° C indoors and in its original sealed packaging.


R 22- Harmfull when swalloved

S 2-Keep out of reach of children

S 24/25- Harm full in touch with eyes and skin

S 46- Contact your doctor if swallowing.