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Alkyd resin based , high gloss, synthetic last coat paint.


Has a permanent and high gloss characteristic. last coat paint It has excellent coverage ability, adhesion to surface and easy brush application. It does not turn yellow.It has a high resistance to physical and chemical effects.


The surfaces, which will applied should be cleaned from dirt, rust and grease; it must be dry and dustless.

For new metal surfaces, ONE ANTIRUST PRIMER, is used as a first layer, after drying of the antirust primer SYNTHETIC LAST COAT PAINT is applied as a double coat.

For new wood surfaces, all the knots of wood should be removed, after saturating with  WOOD PROTECTOR, should be painted with SYNTHETIC PRIMER. Let the primer to dry and then  SYNTHETIC LAST COAT PAINT is applied as a double coat. If it necessary, SYNTHETIC PUTTY can be used to flat the surface.


It is diluted with 10-15 % solvent.

DRYING TIME:  ( 20 ºC    % 65 current humidity )

Between Antirust-Primer 6 hours
Between Primer-Last Coat Paint 12 hours
Between The Layers 24 hours
Touch Free 3 hours
Dust Free 6 hours
Full Cure 24 hours


Depend on the absorbency and smoothness of the surface, an area 18-21 m² is painted area on single layer with 1lt SYNTHETIC LAST COAT PAINT. Field sample work should be carried out for precise consumption.


>37 ºC ( contains unmixable with water, flammable steal liquids)


Store in dry and cool place and temperature of storage should be between +5°C and +35°C. Keep it away from direct sunshine and protect it against frost. The life time of the unopened original package is one year.


R 11 Easy Flammable .

R20/21/22 Harmful when swallowed, by inhalation and in contact with the skin

S 2 Keep out of reach of children

S 3/7/9 Keep tightly closed at a cool and well ventilated place

S 13 Keep away from food & beverage

S 16 Keep away from flammable sources. No Smoking

S 24/25  Harmful in touch with eyes and skin

S 46 Contact your doctor if swallowing

S 51 Use only in well ventilated are